When people talk about cosmetic dentistry, they automatically think that it’s a superficial procedure meant only to improve the appearance of one’s teeth. However, the truth is that professionals practicing Orlando cosmetic dentistry cater to a lot more variety of services apart from simple teeth whitening and alignment.

aesthetic cosmetic dentistry


One example of a cosmetic dentistry procedure is bonding. Here, gaps in teeth or discoloration are filled or covered up with tooth-colored material. It’s considered to be the most basic among restoration procedures, and is commonly used to fill up small cavities and spaces between teeth. This is important because food particles can easily get stuck between these gaps and holes, making you more vulnerable to cavities.


This helps improve the appearance of the teeth, especially those that are badly stained or are improperly shaped. Concomitant to these benefits, however, is also the fact that it improves the mouth’s functionality. Irregular or misshapen teeth can impede proper chewing, which then consequently affects digestion. The versatility of veneers allows the dentist to target multiple issues with one technique.

Teeth Whitening

This is the most common type of cosmetic dentistry procedure, and may in fact be done at home with over the counter products. However, this is not advisable per se, because some products are not really safe for use, or work only temporarily. It’s still best to have your dentist do it for you, as they know exactly how to give you beautiful and white teeth. Regular repeated treatments are often required for more effective teeth whitening.


These are clear teeth aligners that solve the aesthetic problem of unwieldy metal braces for the wearer. More than a convenient accessory, however, it actually plays a huge role especially in correcting the alignment of the teeth in the mouth. When the teeth are not properly lined up, it can affect the orientation of the jaw, leading to a host of complications ranging from pinched facial nerves, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or even sore neck and shoulder muscles.

There are lot more to be known about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, so you might as well visit your dentist in Orlando to get to know more about the benefits you can derive from this branch of oral care.


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