There is no denying the importance of regularly paying a visit to your dentist in Orlando, FL. Adults are recommended to go for an oral health checkup because of the many possible risks and exposures to damage. More often than not, though, people’s fear of the dentist or simple lack of time impedes them from prioritizing such an important check-up.


Before they know it, their teeth have gotten so damaged, the pain is unbearable, and there is no other recourse but to have them pulled out. Wearing dentures is a good enough fix, sure, but only temporarily. To retain the quality of one’s oral care, getting dental implants is the better option to take.

In Case of Emergency

As much care as you would want to practice to protect your teeth, accidents sometimes become simply inevitable. A cracked tooth is one thing, though, but a broken tooth requiring extraction is a different thing altogether. The clue here is in the extraction. Once that tooth is pulled out, the orientation of the remaining teeth already become different. Double or triple that with more missing teeth, and you’re bound to have an even bigger problem on your hands.

Severe Tooth Decay

Another instance wherein you most probably will need Orlando dental implants is if your teeth are already suffering from severe tooth decay because of neglect. In this instance, there is not much that can be salvaged, and it is going to be more difficult to save a few “okay” teeth rather than pulling them all out and replacing them with stronger dental implants altogether.

Gum Disease

While this disease is not directly on the teeth, what happens to the gums does affect the condition of your teeth. With periodontitis, for example, bacteria overwhelms the gums, eventually leading to bone, gum, and tissue loss. What follows next is an environment no longer sustainable for a tooth, and so it either becomes loose, therefore requiring extraction, or it falls off on its own.

All of these instances will require dental implants to correct and rehabilitate the damage inflicted upon your teeth and the entire oral system. Given the importance of your dental health, make sure to consult with your dentist immediately regarding the need for dental implants.


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