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Simmonds Dental Center offers IV sedation to help our patients overcome their fear so we can ensure good oral health.

Many people often avoid going to the dentist for years, maybe even decades, due to the anxiety they feel while facing a dentist. These anxieties sometimes have to do with fear of dentistry tools or sometimes due to a bad visit with a dentist in the past. For some, it is a pure problem related to sensitive gag reflex or a condition that makes sitting or holding their mouth open for long periods uncomfortable. 

What Is IV Sedation?

 The sedative administered for this process is given intravenously i.e. through a tube inserted in the arm. Through this tube, the doctor can control the amount of sedative that you should receive. Your vital signs are monitored i.e. heart rate, blood pressure and level of dose is administered based on your readings.  You’re completely safe the entire time. We are licensed IV sedation dentists and specialize in providing professional and safe dental procedures for all of our patients. With our training and experience, we can easily ease your anxiety, even for the most fearful patient. With the help of IV Sedation you won’t feel a thing and we can properly manage your dental care needs.

 What to Expect:

 If you’re not familiar with the IV sedation process, this is what you can expect on your visit. First, our sedation dentist expert will have a consultation with you to discuss your anxiety. Our dentist will gather the information necessary to understand your history and any prior health condition that you might have. Based on the consultation, the doctor will advise the amount of sedation required for you. 

On the day of the appointment, you would be advised not to eat or drink for almost 8 hours prior to the scheduled appointment with the doctor. You will also be advised to bring a family member or a friend to accompany you after the procedure.

The effects of sedation can take time to wear off and you might still feel a little disorientated after the procedure. Prior to starting the procedure, you will be seated in a comfortable dental chair and the sedative would be provided. As soon as the required level of sedation has been administered, we are ready to begin the dental procedure. Once the procedure starts you would be conscious enough to respond to any question but will not feel any discomfort. For people who suffer from anxiety, getting a healthy dental procedure might be distant dream.

But with Simmonds Dental Center it doesn’t have to be. We provide a tranquil environment for our patients who have anxiety issues and ensure they are receiving the proper dental care necessary to maintain good oral health. Give us a call at (407) 982-1912 to learn more about IV sedation and book your anxiety-free appointment today.

Changing lives. One smile at a time. Call today to schedule your IV sedation consultation with Dr. Simmonds. We give families in Orlando Florida and the Metro West area of central Florida customized care for beautiful smiles and lasting oral health.